August 30, 2017 :: DIMITRI WILLIAMS


  • Progression of time, energy, and clarity, either with or without a practice.
  • Putting into place practice elements, structures, and cycles.
  • Step-by-step advice for practice in life when one is emotionally hijacked.


Dimitri Williams says he doesn’t really know what he wants to do for work. As a student at the University of Applied Science at Zweibrücken, Germany, he’s immersed himself in digital media marketing and programming opportunities, but he’s also interested in psychology, sociology, and political science.

What he really loves to do is travel. He’s been to Croatia, South Korea, Austria, France, Spain, Egypt, and the Netherlands. Dimitri has cleverly combined his love for travel and his career explorations by participating in his school’s international internship program.

The program connects students with internships, and provides a stipend and lodging support. This summer I’ve been doing music and video production for a small digital media company in London, United Kingdom. I also did a 6-month internship in Beijing, China, and I got to travel through the country a bit.

Another of Dimitri’s interests is meditation and self-improvement. Like many of us, he was drawn to meditation because of dissatisfaction.

I have high expectations about life in general. If things are not happening in the way I hoped, then I can get down for quite some time. I started meditating with the Headspace app. In the beginning, I wasn’t able to meditate for even thirty seconds or two minutes because I had so much anger and negative emotions. After a while, it got better.
Then I tried other techniques and paradigms. I found Shinzen through the personal development teacher Leo Gura. I thought Shinzen was a very unique teacher. Now I have a pretty consistent formal meditation practice.

Where would Dimitri like to go next? In terms of countries, he says: I would like to go Japan, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. And I would like to take a big road trip. In terms of practice, he’d like to more consistently take advantage of practice in life in order to increase the benefits he’s experienced.

I’ve only been meditating for two years, and compared from two years ago to now, I feel a lot more happy, calm, and content. I don’t feel as much drudgery and negativity. I’m better able to engage with other people.  I’m not as unconscious and I feel more awake. I understand better how my mind works. 
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